What Did You Gain After Saying That Ebony Was A Lesbian- Starboy Kwarteng Angrily Fires Pope Skinny.


Pope Skinny aka Edwin Kwame Ohene is a Ghanaian rapper, who claims to be Ghana’s best hiplife and hiphop lyricist. He rose to fame with his Hot “cake hit” song in year 2015. He is also known for his social media rants about his fellow celebrities.

One of his recent rant was about the Late musician, Ebony Reigns aka Priscilla Opoku-Kwarteng, who was a dancehall and afrobeat singer, known for her “Kupe” hit song.

Pope revealed that, Ebony was a lesbian and she died due to lesbianism. His comments raised a lot of eye brows about the late celebrity.

Yesterday, the father of the late musician, Starboy Kwarteng, went to Kingdom Fm to express his disapproval with Pope’s comments regarding her daughter.

Starboy said that, he doesn’t even know who Pope Skinny is and doesn’t even know what motivated him to spill such a sensitive information about her daughter. He went on to say that, when he heard of what Pope Skinny said he became very emotional and nearly cried. He also said that, he has past the age of going back and forth with young guys, if not he would have taken him to court to prove his statements with evidence.

He stress on the point that Pope should remember that, even though her daughter is dead, her father as well as her family is alive and he even raised the point that, Pope Skinny should apologize to The Who nation with regards to his comments.

We think what Pope did was very disrespectful since she is already dead. What do you also think of Starboy Kwarteng’s reactions towards what Pope Skinny said about his daughter?

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