Most Men Are Single But They Don't Know It Until They Lose This - Lady Says

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One woman expressed her opinion on her Twitter page and it caused various reactions online. As he sees it, most men are single, even if they admit they have a relationship. That is, most women are in a relationship because of the material things and benefits they get from it.

 Until they lost their source of money the men knew they were not married, he said. Most people only associate with relationships for financial incomes, ignoring meaningful relationships, he argues.

 Many people react to these claims by revealing their own experiences and what they have encountered in their own relationships.

 Some claim that in his case, contrary to the grain in the opinion of the majority. However, she did not leave her lover because she was afraid that he would leave, as many women do. Instead, he became an inspiration and warrior of prayer.

 It is possible that there are some pious women out there with a heart of gold. But if you do discover one, hold back too much because they are hard to reach.

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