Things you should know about lemon and it uses.

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One thing you should do every day to detox your body.

I will show you what you need to do, this one you have it around you but you don't know the good use and the benefit of it. Some may ask what thing I have but I don't know the benefit of it. Let me show you.

I sure we all know this fruit it call LEMON, Iemon is very good fruit that have so many good things.(Vitamin C)

In the olden days we saw in our homes, our mother's use it to scribe suspands, we saw that after using this lemon all the stains will go off no matter long it has been last.

Today I will show you a little use and benefits of lemon, in our our daily life and health as time goes on let quickly rush on it fast.

Uses and benefits of lemon

1. It help in weight lossing;

It very good and healthy for you to use lemon juice when you want to losses an unhealthy weight. Take one whole of lemon, please make sure it clean, and get a glass of warm water not that hot cut the lemon and mix the juice with the warm water, then start drinking it. make sure to it every morning.

2. It helps prevent constipation

Because of the Vitamin C in lemon we actually use to prevent constipation and it true, take one lemon and mix the juice with warm water every day drink it before you brush your teeth.and see what will happen.

3. It burns down unwanted fat

Taking lemon juice with warm water every day will help you burn all unwanted fat that has blocked the flowing of blood. in other ways it cure and reduce diabetes.

This remedy have helped so many people gain their well fitted health.

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