Ghanaian youth mob Bawumiah and make these bold declarations: Is 2024 secured for Bawumiah?


Bawumiah has been referred to as a workaholic and that’s because he’s seen all over the place with innovative and incredible ideas on what to do to help Ghana improve. One of the things that amazes Ghanaians is how he is able to come up with something new and benefiting at all times. This makes the Vice President a very valuable personality in the new patriotic party. When it comes to hard work and jobs, the Npp and Ndc have been seen battling for the position for who has done most.

But it seems Bawumiah’s current focus is on beating the Ndc and past governments on job creations and measures to battle certain difficult periods in this country. With the unemployment rate gradually decreasing, Ghanaians are positive that these measures and job creations will enhance productivity and employment. One of the major problems of the Ghanaian youth is what to do after school. Most university graduates compete or graduate from schools and are seen jobless after the national service.

These are all issues that the Vice President claims he is ready to tackle and has been putting steps together to achieve this goal of employment and good living of the Ghanaian youth who the future depends on. Speaking today at the commercial workers union (ICU) in Accra at UPSA, the Vice President received applauds from the audience on how effective things are currently running. The president, his excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo was also applauded for his measures to battle the covid.

Bawumiah was mobbed by the youth who were present with his name all over the place. Most of the young men and women who were present boldly declared that he shouldn’t worry because he’s the next president of this country. This was a sight to behold for the members of the new patriotic party who have the Vice President in their hearts and as an affable candidate for the presidency in 2024.

The crowd outside the auditorium alone was massive as they exhibited immense love for the Vice President. Will Bawumiah be the people’s choice? Will the Ghanaian youth entrust their future into his care in 2024?

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