Ghanaians Massively React After US-Based Aviation Expert ‘Settled The Debate’ Over Prez Jet Saga

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The popularly known US-based Aviation Expert has unexpectedly landed himself in another serious trouble after he settled the debate over the presidential jet brouhaha.

Even though, the NDC’s Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa has boldly come out to claim that, the President has not been taking into consideration the economic state of the country by hiring for his official travels, the US-based Aviation Expert, Mr. Sean Mendis unexpectedly agreed otherwise.

“The Falcon is not the ideal jet for long haul travel. It is optimally suited for trips from Ghana to anywhere in Africa , maybe some parts of Europe. If you are going to Asia, if you are going to North American, the Falcon will be able to do it but will require higher technical stuffs. Optimally, it can probably do around 3000 miles which is about 6 hours. It is capable of flying further with less luggage, with less people on board”, the US-based Aviation Expert, Mr Sean Mendis emphatically revealed.

Below is a look at some of the comments that came through as individuals expressed their immense disappointment over the US-based Aviation Experts claims about Akufo Addo’s expensive travels.

Do you think that President Akufo Addo should undoubtedly embark on official abroad meetings in expensive presidential jets since the Falcon isn’t an ideal jet for long-haul journeys as revealed by the US-based Aviation Expert, Mr. Sean Mendis even though most individuals claimed otherwise?

What are your thoughts after the US-based Aviation Expert finally settled the debate over the Presidential jet brouhaha that has caused massive reactions online even though most individuals claimed otherwise?

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