Nakuru Man Burned Alive After Disagreement With Wife

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A middle aged man was burnt live this evening in Nakuru , Kaptembwa areas after what was believed to be suicide . He is said to have undressed and climbed up a high voltage power line and was there and then electrocuted to death.

He is said to have had a disagreement with his wife and could have led to extreme decisions. Trial by neighbors to calm him down to step down from the power line fell in deaf ears . 

In a police report made at Kaptembwa police station , a witness said the couple have been having series of conflicts just about everything, the loud quarels always extended to neighbors ho calmed them down . She further added that the deceased threatened to kill his wife whenever a dispute occured . 

"Since moving n here , they have always been quarelling about food , infidelity and almost everything . The didn't keep their issues private , they always extended their issues to neighbours . He had vowed to kill his wife ," Mrs Migodi said.

His body was taken to Nakuru level IV hospital even as investigation into the matter continues.

Depression is becoming a common killer among most people . The deceased is said to have been on drugs .

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