The Right Mattress Size That You Should Sleep On Depending On Your Body Weight


Mattresses are meant to bring about comfort while having a rest or sleeping. However, not every size fits all people. Apparently, it may look similar, but there are various underlying factors and scores of intergrants which determine comfort levels. Weight is among the components that will enable you choose the right size of a mattress which will fit your needs.

People under 30kg of body weight should use softer mattresses. The mattresses can have few inches ranging from 2 to 6. Firm mattresses can cause discomfort thus creating shoulder pain. Softer mattresses enhances proper support of the body and ensures good spine alignment.

Heavy weight people should use thicker mattresses. They provide good cushioning by ensuring a balance in firmness and softness. If you weigh above 140kg, select a 12 to 13 inches thick mattress with high-density foam.

For average bodyweight people, choose a mattress that is not too firm or too soft. Enjoying your sleep will depend on the sleeping positions. Medium density foam ensures that the body parts are well aligned. This enhances good blood flow creating the desired comfort.