Sweet Love πŸ’ž Meet Kenyans who are married to fellow celebrities


Love is a beautiful thing. Finding a marriage partner who is loyal, hardworking, supportive and with brains for business is a plus.Here are Kenyan celebrities who got all the above mentioned qualities, they are therefore Kenyans best couple.

Njugush and Celestine

Njugush whose real name is Timothy Kimani Ndegwa is a popular Kenyan comedian and actor who is considered one of the funniest comedians in Kenya.

His wife Celestine Ndinda is a Kenyan marketer and influencer who, like her husband, studied at Kenya Institute of Mass Communication where they met and developed a close friendship. In his brand, Njugush creatives, he works with his wife who plays mama wa kavinyee, highlighting the characters of different people in the society.

The two were on the wedding ceremony took place at PCEA Evergreen in Runda.

Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla

Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla are Kenyan Swahili news reporter and anchor for Citizen TV Kenya.

Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla are amongst the most admired journalists working at Royal media services.The two are news anchor who are partnered to air the Citizen Nipashe.

Their fashion sense has earned them the title of 'Best Dressed Couple On TV.

3. Size 8 and DJ Moh

Size 8 is a Kenyan musician, thespian, media personality, and brand ambassador.

DJ Mo (Samuel Muraya) is a Kenyan Gospel Disk Jockey (DJ) and a host of the gospel show Cross over that airs on NTV.

The two got married on September 2013 They are blessed with two children Ladasha Wambui and Muraya Junior.

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