Date Rush: I will tolerate you - Grandpa's day shines as he grabbed Susan with full of joy


Since the beginning of Season 5, Grandpa is one of the guys whom people have been talking about on social media due to his controversies and how he has been offing his rush. Today's episode is totally different for him as he was able to finally get a date. His rush was on from the beginning Susan entered the stage till the time he was chosen to be her date.

During the video profile of Susan, she made mention that she is the type that doesn't tolerate nonsense. This statement pulled out most of the guys but grandpa was bold enough to ask her that, though she said she hates nonsense but he is the type that can do things to piss her off. Susan said said she will tolerate him like that.

He again asked Susan that, he is not working and is perching with his friend so will she be okay to be with him. Susan hurriedly answered by saying, yes she is cool with that and since she is working, she can take care of him. She continued to say that, she has used her school fees to take care of a guy before so that is not a problem. Looking at how things were going, you could clearly see that, Susan was into Grandpa.

Now, the opportunity came for her to choose between Grandpa and Desmond after she asked a question for them to answer. After answering the question, Susan off the rush of Desmond and went in for Grandpa. Grandpa who has been putting his rush off at any given time was in a happy mode as he showcased his dance skills with Susan. He therefore carried her in his arms and left the show with smile all over his face. Grandpa has finally gotten a date.