To Whom It May Concern: Cut A Lemon Into Two And Use Them To Treat These Diseases

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The lemon, found in the citrus family, remains one of the most medicinally decorated plants in the world. The benefits of lemons are so numerous that there are still many that are yet to be discovered.

Even outside the medical field, lemon is used to clean silver buckets and cooking utensils. It is also used to clean chicken before cooking or to clear the slimy mucous found on snails. Lemon remains one of the best cleansing agents in the world.

Besides that, it was also used to remove body odor long before deodorants were introduced. Even after the introduction of deodorants, lemon remains the best in terms of preventing body odour. Women also use lemon during their menstrual cycle.

Apart from those listed above, lemon also has a lot of medicinal benefits that must be exploited. Some of them are listed below.


It is a disease caused by insufficient vitamin C, the symptoms of which include spongy gums, loosening of the teeth, and bleeding into the skin and mucous membranes. There is no need to spend money on getting drugs for scurvy; just cut a lemon in two, squeeze the juice into water, and drink it.

Flu and a sore throat

A lot of conditions can cause sore throats. These include, but are not limited to, diseases caused by viruses and bacteria. Most viral and bacterial infections begin their initial symptoms with a cold, flu, and sore throat.

There is a popular plant called "nyankyereni" in the Twi language which heals this condition easily when added to lemon. Take one leaf, grind it and add lemon juice. Put it on your tongue and swallow it gradually.

Liver diseases

Cut a lemon in half, squeeze the juice into water, and drink it every morning. This cleanses the liver and removes all hepatotoxins. Clearing hepatotoxins from the body boosts liver strength and helps heal diseases associated with it.

However, people having peptic ulcers should be careful with lemons. It can cause the ulcers to bleed. Internal hemorrhage is dangerous and could be fatal.


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