Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi Leads his Supporters To Eid El-Fitr Prayer At His Hometown Today (Photos)


Yesterday, despite announcement from the sultanate council that the moon of Shawwal were not seen in Saudi Arabia and Nigeria, adding that Thursday, 13th April 2021, is the first day of Shawwal.

Even though, there was several reports yesterday about the moon sighting but the council considered those reports as negative.

Muslims celebrate Sallah Festival after completion of 29 0r 30 fasting in the month of Ramadan. And the first day of Shawwal marks the end of fasting every year.

As reported by BBC Hausa, A renowned Islamic scholar, Sheikh Dahiru Usman Bauch, has today led his millions supporters Eid El-fitr prayer in Bauchi state, Nigeria.

This is no the first time the Islamic scholar observed Eid Elf-fitr like this way. If you can recall he did so last year.

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