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South Africans on social media site Twitter are known for their sense of humor, and they are also known for scrutinizing even the smallest details when people post pictures, for example, this young lady made a positive post on Twitter after she posted about how much she appreciates petrol attendants by always tipping them R20 when she pays for petrol.

However, some South Africans responded in unexpected ways after they noticed that she is still using the old green ID book instead of the new ID card, and they quickly responded with comments making jokes about her ID book...

"Go and do ID card😕😒"

"Nice one sister's but I see the green ID book, when are you getting the smart card''

"Is that Green book?"

"I’m also using it. Will do so until we’re arrested 🤣🤣🤣"

"Oh yeah team ID book💃🏾❤️"

"viva to the green book. we refuse to be brain washed"

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