We Do Not Have Confidence In The CID's Ability To Bring Finality To allegations against the Chief Justice - Edem Agbana


The Deputy Youth Organizer of the NDC, Edem Agbana, has declared that they do not have confidence in the CID's ability to bring finality to the bribery allegations against the Chief Justice.

Edem Agbana made this disclosure on 'ALHAJI & ALHAJI' on Pan Africa television when he gave his opinion on the bribery allegations against Chief Justice Anim Yeboah.

According to Edem Agbana, when there is an allegation of this nature against not just any judge but the Chief Justice, who is the head of the Judiciary, we must be careful how we address it.

"That is why we in the NDC are calling for a full public inquiry into this matter. We have also said that, when you look at the CID and their track records in recent years in dealing with issues that involve public officials and their inability to bring finality to these issues, we do not have confidence in the CID's ability to handle this issue very well. So we are calling for the Chief Justice to step down for an investigation to be conducted on these bribery allegations.

Even though some of the issues that have been alleged by the Lawyer border on criminality, at the same time it also borders on the judiciary. So, for the judiciary to impanel a commission of inquiry that should have a public hearing for Ghanaians to know what transpired at the commission, the Chief Justice should humbly step down, for the time being, so whoever will be in charge can launch an investigation into this matter."

He added that these measures are important in the protection of our democracy. The CID they do not have confidence in them. They also do not trust the abilities of the General Legal Council to give a fair hearing to all the parties involved.

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