See Why Joe Biden Says He Decided To Become The President Of America

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According to The Independent news post on its Twitter handle, Mr Joe Biden made a key remark about President Donald Trump during While delivering an address in Delaware yesterday.

In his speech, he noted that the outgoing President who has recently been receiving criticisms from all quarters, especially after the Capitol protests is not fit to rule America. He went further to confirm that his decision to join the presidential race was because of that. See the excerpt from the original tweet as it was posted by The Independent below:

However, when he was asked about his position on the moves by his fellow Democrats and sundry to impeach the President for the second time, he did not give his approval. Instead, he answered that such decision lied with the Congress. In addition, he said that his mind was rather set on starting his administration when sworn-in later in the month. Also see the screenshot of the twitter post underneath:

Could Joe Biden not supporting the calls for President Donald Trump to be impeached be due to the fact that the man has only few days to exit office?

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