Among The Following Presidential Candidate Which One Would You Choose For President?


Among The Following Presidential Candidate Which One Could You Choose For President?

We are about to have our election in the coming year i.e 2022. Meanwhile we have some competitors for prime minister and orange democratic leader Raila Odinga and Deputy President William Ruto.

For more than two decades Raila has been in the presidential race however he has never managed to be the winner. The Deputy president,Ruto,has served for two terms and Raila says he is ready to battle with him together with the 2010 constitution. The race between the two presidential candidates is going to be tough because they are all experienced and have been in election for a while.

Musalia Mudavadi and William Kabongo are one among the candidates who have made it clear to participate in the 2022 ballot. Incase the two are running against Raila and DP Ruto,they might end up becoming loosers... otherwise they have a chance of winning the election. So the question still remains"If the elections were to be held today,whom would choose for presidency?"