Zora; Boaz Finds Something On His Table That Makes Him Worried

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In zora series,Boaz goes home and finds his house not the way he left it. The house is disorganized and his files are all over the table like somebody was looking for something in the house. He starts thinking who might have done this because Talia can not do this even if she is angry,Boaz knows his daughter so well.

Making the matter worse,he sees a Bullet on the table without a gun. Boaz becomes very worried and senses That Talia is In Danger. He senses that Talia might have been kidnapped. Boaz immediately calls Madiba to inform him about this, Madiba responds immediately and without hesitation,Boaz tells him that Talia might have been kidnapped.,Boaz wants Madiba to help him find his daughter.

Madiba tells Boaz to report the case to the authority after 48hrs if Talia does not come back. The question remains,Who might have kidnapped Talia? Share your comment on this and don't forget to follow me for the latest updates especially society and breaking news in Kenya.

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