4 EPL Clubs Without A Single African Player

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African players have littered themselves around Europe sharing their bright and colourful style, with some even becoming indispensable at their clubs as in the case of Mo Salah and Sadio Mane. However, there are still some clubs especially in the Premier League, who do not have any player that represents an African country in their ranks.

1. Newcastle United.

New castle has a robust cultural diversity in their squad, shockingly however, they do not have any African. Of course they have brown skinned players like Joelinton and Joe Willock, but none of them have represented any African country with Joe Willock even registering his second country as Australia.

2. Norwich City.

Norwich City has a few African decent in their squad as in the case of Rocky Bushiri and Nigerian Adam Idah. However, both of these players have failed to connect with their origins and have made up their mind to represent another country.

3. Leeds United.

Leeds United have had a lot of African players in their history. However, their current squad doesn't feature even one player of african origin as their two coloured players Kalvin Phillips and Junior Firpo have both come from islands on the Caribbean.

4. Tottenham.

Tottenham also has a fair share of black players like Dele Ali, Tanganga, Sanchez, Bergwijn, etcetera. But like the other clubs on this list, none has directly associated themselves with any African country with all of them claiming to be from either Europe or the Americas.

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