Nigerian Fashion in the 1970s

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Nigerian fashion in the 1960s sparked the beginning of a transformation that ushered the western look most Nigerians are used today. The post-colonial style of dressing that was common in the 1960s was prevalent until the 1970s that is, until the rise of the Oleku.

With every decade, comes a monumental change in the way people see things. The same thing with fashion. The Oleku was a fashion style that put a western twist on a native look. This involved the iro that was common in the western part of the country to be worn short. The oleku was a somewhat baggy or loose Buba worn with the iron that was tied usually about thigh-high.

As for men's fashion, not much changed except the desire to be more cultural. There was an increase in the love of Danshiki and Agbadas and this was seen in their choice of daily wears.

Although in this period, the Afro of the last decade gave way to the Jerry curl and the Perms. Both men and women took to styling their hair instead of having it natural.

1970 saw a turning point in Nigerian fashion. Most people forsook their Western dressings and choose to be more native.

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