Karen Nyamu Fires at a Fan Who Called Her a Hypocrite After Posting a Photo in Church This Morning

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Karen Nyamu is a a name known to almost everyone especially those who are social media users. She confirmed she will be vying for the position of Nairobi Senator come the year 2022.

Today Karen attended a church service at Kingdom Seekers in Kayole. On her Facebook page she has uploaded her photos quoting a verse from the book of Amos which is reads that the Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets. Here is the screenshot of the post;

In the comment box one Philemon Kiprop told her that she was in the night club yesterday since Karen attended the Luo Festival and this morning. He termed it as hypocrisy. Karen fired back by asking him if he wanted she goes to hell. Here is the screenshot of the exchanges:

What are your thoughts on this. Are Netizens being too judgemental. Kindly leave a comment as follow and share for more updates.

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