"You Make Me Sick" Amanda Du Pont's Older Sister Comment On The Situation

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Hundreds of Amanda Du Pont's family and friends gathered to show their support for her. One of the most difficult things she had to do was to tell the world about the abuse she had suffered. All of Jub Jub's IGTV's 1 million viewers believe she should be canceled since she has a lot of explaining to do. Her sisters rushed to social media after her moving video surfaced, in which she claims she was abused by Jub Jub for two years.

In their criticism of the Uyajola 9/9 host, Amber-Kayleigh and Adele-Kim Du Pont didn't hold back. They were shocked to see their sister crying after allegedly surviving a rape and a murder attempt for almost two years.

It was Amber-Kayleigh Du Pont's turn to yell at the character, calling him "dried out," saying that Jub Jub was "useless," and cursing him out. "All I will say is that Jub Jub is a weak piece of s*** who just wants clout because he is dried out and irrelevant," she stated, referring to Jub Jub's supporters. It's hard to imagine having to disseminate lies and use Amanda's name in order to gain attention.

Jub Jub is a rapist, murderer, abuser, and a liar, to boot!! If you support him, then you're a part of it."

"The fact that you have to constantly reliving this difficult period of your life breaks my heart. But I'm so proud of you, sis, for expressing your mind and being honest. I'm here for you, my sister, and the other victims of that scumbag."

Kim Du Pont is heartbroken at the possibility of losing her sister, whom she claims her ex-boyfriend supposedly kidnapped. "Think about how close I came to dying from Jub Jub's poison. You sicken me to the core! You don't deserve to be called a man, and you certainly don't deserve to live in peace. What did you almost steal from me? You've lied so much that you don't even know what the truth is any longer! It is disgusting to see your cowardly behavior."



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