"ODM Party Has no Member of Parliament in Lamu" MP Kassim Sawa Blasts ODM


Presidential race is not about crowds but numbers. Hon Raila Odinga has been one of the political leaders to have both crowds and numbers behind his back but had never made it to state house. This clearly indicates that in these country you have to have the backing of deep state and the system behind you in order to make it to state house.

DP Ruto's 2022 Ambitions are dimming every day as betrayals continues ravaging his camp. There has been allegations that DP William Ruto has called a crisis meeting after looming massive Exodus from Tangatanga after terrible losses in the recently ended by-elections. DP Ruto has been facing threats of getting impeached too.

It is not only DP William Ruto who is having nightmare of looking supporters but ODM Party too. Raila Odinga is struggling to m as ke sure that the coast region remains united and massive Exodus does not take place. According to MP Kassim Sawa dropped a bomb shell after he spilled this information. He revealed that, "

"When you go to Lamu, there's no ODM member of parliament. This notion that ODM calls the shots from Coast is false."- MP Kassim Sawa.

These has badly exposed ODM Party in Coast region alleging that or has no support in Lamu.

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