A Funeral Of Gcini & Her 2 Children Is Ongoing, After They Were Allegedly Killed By Her Boyfriend.

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Those who are in the picture below are Gcini Mbatha and her children who are being burried today in their home Ulundi , in KwaZulu Natal, she was working and staying in Gauteng.

According to the source Gcini Mbatha was was in a relationship with a 64 year old man, and they had two children, Gcini had a child outside her relationship and a young one was belongs to the man

Source revelead that a 64 year old man stabbed Gcini to death in a painful way .

He killed the mother dead, he didn't stopped as he also killed the two children including his own,

Source said during incident, there was another relative a 6 year old , who was able to escape from the scene, he is in hospital, source said.

The incident took place at Soweto in Zone 5 where they were staying together as a family.

The source also revealed that the old man tried to commit suicide the after the incident but he failed to take his life , he was then taken to hospital and get treated, then he was taken to Sun City Prison.

Today Gcina and her children are laid to rest. Rest in peace .

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