Pregnancy will humble you, women share how pregnancy made them look

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Pregnancy is not an easy journey. There are bound to be some changes in the body throughout the nine months of carrying a baby. The changes are mostly caused by the weight in the placenta.

There are many pregnant people who experience physical changes, changes in the body parts including the breasts, skin and sometimes the face.

Pregnancy affects each and every woman differently, the hormonal and physiological changes that comes with pregnancy are unique. Pregnancy may make some people prettier and for some it makes them look worse.

Young women took to social media and shared pictures of them before getting pregnant and during their pregnancy, with some noticeable changes in their bodies and faces.

Here are some of the pictures below:

Being pregnant comes with a variety of changes to the woman's body. The changes can range from common and expected changes, such as swelling and fluid retention.

The most common changes in pregnancy is mood swings. However the body is carrying a baby so physical changes are expected as well.

The good thing is that, this is only temporary, the mother's face and bodies will eventually return to its normal self after birth. It may take longer for some people but the face will go back to what it normally looks like.


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