He blocked me and attacked me with a gun. Man shares what happened to him on his way to work

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Popular news outlets on Twitter @Naija_pr shared what transpired between a man who goes by the name @Kingarchibxng on Twitter and a policeman.

The man shared his story below seeking help.

On my way to work just after Berger, heading to the third mainland. I noticed this sienna trying to overtake me at a very tight corner, and he did. 

Again he driving too close to me and eventually hits my right side mirror which put a dent in his car.

He finally blocked me after jota came out with a gun, and claimed I hit him and I’m running. Me being certain it was his fault, I told him to get out of my way because I have to catch up with work, he reached into my car to try and get my keys, I struggled with him.

When I found my way to move out of the situation and move ahead with my day. (Nathaniel) which he claims is his name hit my window with his gun and shattered my rear windshield. Even if you claim I hit you, you’re bringing out a gun for what? To shoot me?

People who saw the whole thing gathered and made videos while accusing the policeman of being wrong. everybody eventually left because this is Nigeria, your problem is your own. But I need all the help I can get from here.

This man said because he’s not wicked if not he would have injured me.

He eventually ran off after I confirmed from higher authority to follow him to area H police station where he would be duly arraigned. This is why I need your help to find this man who claimed to be a deeper life pastor in front of the crowd that accused him of being wrong.

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