Why University of Abuja Students Beat-Up Lecturer In An Examination Hall


Some lecturers are know for their strict and mean attitude towards University students. Most lecturers when plagued with life circumstances or financial burden seems to unburdens their load, by transferring it as imposed discipline to students who are not a contributing factor to their personal problems.

A lecture at the University of Abuja was beaten up by students in the mass communication department, the lecturer asked the students to stop and submit their answer booklet, 40 minutes into the exam that was scheduled for 3 hours.

His actions was regarded as insensitive and provoked the mass communication department students as they gather around him unleashing mayhem on the lecturer who was beaten black blue.

Here is a screenshot of the incident:

Not as much as we don't support the actions of the students, we know that some lecturers are very insensitive to students.

So do you think the Lecturer deserve such mayhem or the students went to far as regarding their examination.

Kindly share your thoughts on the comment section below.

Here the link to watch the video:


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