Opinion: Why Policemen In Kenya Should Be Paid Well


A piece done by Purity Mambia of Citizen Tv has shocked all including me. Have you ever wondered where Nairobi thugs get guns to terrorize people with? Well, today Citizen Tv put it all out there to see.

Her piece has also laid bare why thugs get shot and killed instead of immobilizing them for the law to take it's course. The interviewed thugs said if you are caught with his gun, then you have not paid the him, then get ready to be killed.

The peace has also told us why some police officers get killed. He said it is because some thugs feel their lives are in danger so they eliminate the danger to remain safe.

Lastly, she pointed out that at 5000 you can acquire a Sesca Pistal, at 10k you can hire an AK 45, and at 1000 you can get police uniform and handcafs.

But let me put it this way. If a uniformed officer has no personal discipline, the lack enough money to push him through life, such is bound to happen.

This piece should be an eye opener to their employer to look into what exactly is going on in the police force that warrant such misconduct.

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