Education is derived from 2 Latin words "Educatum" and "Educare"

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According to modern day scholars, the word Education is derived from 2 Latin words "Educatum" and "Educare". Educatum means to train someone or people, Educare means to raise up or brought u. In the Book called "Think and Grow Rich" written by Napoleon Hill its explained the Education is a title word with many subtitles under it.

Education word is an umbrella with many Education types under it, for example some people never been to School but they are Doctors who can heal millions with no Degree, then some people under went a process of Schooling and got qualified with a paper verification called Degree, In the book they exemplify this context by Henry Ford the founder of Ford Motor Industries, Henry Ford never been to High School, let alone University but he founded the very first Gas powered automobile and the biggest Car manufacture in America. The education in School/University raise you (Educare) and train you (Educatum) to work, however this does not mean Universities don't produce people who do not think out of the box and go beyond syllabus of working. In the book a University Education is explained as a "specified Education" its directional Education, u get a piece of Education that makes you an asset to a certain segment of the Big Industrialized World and World Economy. for Example you are an Electrical Engineer that can not Build a House, you are an Accountant that can not help a pregnant woman give birth, they give titles of your Degrees to group and manage you. for Example now in South Africa we have Social Workers unemployed but Department of Education needs Teachers, you have Biotechnologist unemployed but Department of Health needs nurses. Some refer to this type of Education "Colonial Education".

I been to Primary School, High School and University, I don't like the way we are being taught, its like we are being programmed. For example in SA Law is based on Roman-Dutch Law, today when u go to Court you will be subjected to Roman-Dutch Law. Am not discourages anyone or looking down to anything am saying, This thing called Education plays very strong role in the progress of any Nation, so we must not just celebrate obtaining these Degrees, we must also challenged the way in which these Degree are given to us.

Is our Educational system productive and progressive enough? what do u think? correct me if am wrong, add and please criticize if needs be

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