If You Are A Girl You Are Very Lucky If You Have One Of This Three Things


Girls with these three Marks are very lucky because every man fall for them. Men believe that those girls are very romantic hence putting them into temptation.

They include:

1. Gap Teeth

These gap teeth are known as diastema which are most common in the little children. The girls with this gap look very attractive and in some countries like Namibia and Ghana regarded it as a sign of fertility.

2. Step-by-Step

Many people love this sign because they say it is a sign of beauty. So if you have it just be happy and feel blessed because it makes you look beautiful and many men will like to win your heart.

3. Dimple

Dimple has another name called Gelasin which is in the cheek and stays there permanently. It makes one look more beautiful and cheerful.

There are some people who believe that dimples are sign of innocence.

What do you believe about all these signs?

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