My Opera News Hub Story (How I Begun Paying My Own Bills Working Just A Few Hours Per Week)


Just a few months ago, I was at the worst point in my life financially. An empty pocket, a mobile money wallet balance that was around ten Ghana pesewas and a bag full of dreams. I focused all my time on YouTube, trying to get my channel monetized and begin earning some cool dollars, but little did I know that copyright issues can make you work be in vain.

After twelve solid months of creating videos and posting on YouTube failing monetization twice, I gave up. I made up my mind that I was not going to work under any big brand anymore, I was going to build my own website and start a blog. Remember, there was no money in my pocket, so starting my own blog was just one of the things in my bag full of dreams.

I discovered an article online in December 2020 talking about how to make money online in Ghana and get paid through mobile money. Since I was doing a research on how to make some legit money in Ghana, I clicked the article and read through. That was when I first realized I had almost wasted a good opportunity. I discovered that Opera News Hub was actually paying people for writing articles with just over 150 words, and all this time I had the Opera News Hub application sitting on my phone doing nothing.

I quickly updated the app and signed up to become a creator. The process took some time and I became inpatient, but finally I was verified and I started publishing my own articles. I was earning less than a Cedi from the start, but as the days went by, I bettered my articles and I begun making some cool cash. I remember earning around ninety Ghana Cedis on a day, and I almost burned down my house. Ninety cedis may sound small to you, but to write an article less than 200 words and get paid that much was what boosted my love for the platform.

My account was growing steadily till February when I broke one of Opera News Hub's rules. I was suspended and I had to create a new account, then came the Kekeli22 account. With the experience I've gathered from the past, this new account has been successful so far and I have been listed in the Star Author Leaderboard on the platform.

This is just my second month using this account, but I have already made some good money out of it. A look at the top ten earners for each month makes me work even harder to achieve something much greater, not just the money but good content for all my readers and followers. I'll just say, this platform has saved me from being broke, now I am paying my own bills.

It's such a great opportunity to be part of this great journey with the Opera News Hub, I hope the platform gets bigger and better each day. So that, we can create good content for our family, friends and the world as a whole. Thanks to Opera for this chance, and thank you for reading through all my articles.

If you doubt the whole Opera News Hub opportunity, here is a proof of some of my earnings from the beginning of this account. I believe you will be convinced with this little screenshot from my monetization page and make a move to change your life. The platform has really helped me in so many ways, to the extent that I have become an investor with my earnings. Thanks to the Opera News Hub platform for helping me live a better life, and bettering my writing skills.

Your best fashion, lifestyle and home decorations creator, Kekeli22.