18k was fully paid to Dj Archie after for an event that never happened

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Dj Archie thanked tweeter members after helping him out to get his money back from Dj Oscar.

Dj Oscar was refusing to pay the event organiser Dj Archie the money that they had agreed on after he failed to pitch. Dj Archie then decided to take the Matter further to public and exposed Dj Oscar on Twitter.

After a twitter blast to Oscar, he then decided to pay full R18 000 that was due to Dj archie even though the event didn't take place as planned.

" I paid them the full amount according to our agreement. OK, Oscar didn't pitch on (the day of the event), December 28. I am still waiting for a refund even now. He blocked my calls and his manager is not taking my calls. I need a refund," he tweeted

"I don't think there is any artist that goes out there to scam people's money its just a thing of knowing who to hire, what they should be doing at what time how and when.

"Its very unfortunate to the promoter Archie man, I'm so sorry , I personally have had a double booking where I had to not sleep because as an artist fatigue is everything. I had to not sleep because I had to make sure I make it to the next booking," Oscar said on twitter.

Dj Archie was also told to remove the post after he was fully paid his money.

Prince Kaybe also insisted that artist should be responsible for their cause of damage instead of going behind their managers.

It's very difficult to make it a living an a music industry but it is also simple if you have quality production and being faithful at delivering your services according to the schedule. Agreement shouldn't be bridged without the other part being involved.

Source: https://twitter.com/TimesLIVE/status/1487794829912387587?t=PI_AAufnTx4gJh2R248hvA&s=19

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