[OPINION] Lingard showed too much respect to West Ham when he refused to celebrate his goal on Sunday evening

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Manchester United endured a tough Premier League game against West Ham on Sunday afternoon. One of the highlights of the game was when Lingard scored what would end up being the winning goal of the encounter after being brought in during the second half.

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After scoring Manchester United's second goal, Lingard refused to celebrate his stunning goal. His reason for refusing to celebrate the goal was because he played for West Ham in the second half of last season. However, Lingard should not have refused to celebrate his wonderful goal.

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We all know that most footballers prefer not to celebrate if they score against a club they have played in before. Some players also prefer not to celebrate scoring a goal against a club that sent them out on loan. However, some players do not care about celebrating after scoring a goal against a club they have or had affiliations with especially when they departed from the club in some controversial way.

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In Lingard's case, he owes West Ham fans nothing because he only went there for a short loan spell. Lingard is a player who came out of Manchester United's academy and West Ham did not sign him from Manchester permanently. There were no real ties between Lingard and West Ham United to warrant his decision not to celebrate after scoring against them.

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It would have made more sense if Lingard refused to celebrate after scoring a goal against Manchester United while on loan at West Ham. It would have been easy to understand refusing to celebrate a goal against Manchester United because he has deep ties with the club.

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Lingard's decision not to celebrate against West Ham could have been influenced by the warm welcome he received from West Ham fans when he was warming up in the touchline. Lombard could have also considered that West Ham was the team that enabled him to regain his confidence even when Manchester United abandoned him on the bench.

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