The lady who shared her private part on twitter shared a new Video now (WATCH)

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The Social media platforms are the origination of a few viral patterns and images. Any reasonable person would agree Twitter and TikTok is where a basic video can turn into a social peculiarity. That being expressed that a recent trend is assuming control over Twitter. Out of everything in the globe, think about what the nation woke up to? Mzansi had the pattern #Kuku making adjusts early Friday morning, 14th of January, 2022 after the photos of the woman's private part became viral

The Hashtag #Kuku has been moving for more than three days in South Africa. The clients of Twitter have been hailing the "Kuku" with few clients expressing that it is the cleanest they have viewed and watched. The pattern lift up on Friday following a "Kuku" photograph that was shared purportedly by the proprietors. The residents of South Africa couldn't quit publicizing the photograph. According to the Twitter pattern investigation, the subject of "Kuku" was involved by more than 48 000 South Africans inside 24 hours.

Today Marks Day four of #KUKU trending number one on twitter. Many individuals have been discussing this, asking why all of a sudden, and a short time, Kuku is trending and making waves. Kuku is a shoptalk word meaning private part of ladies.

She recently released a new video on Twitter which caught the attention of viewers and pricked them to react

Some were excited with her actions and deeds, while some criticized her

On Saturday the hashtag was beginning to cool of yet Sisa Flatela chose to fuel it again by sharing a video now. Many individuals would be thinking about what sort of a video now. This is the justification for why many even raced to open the video.

Sadly she shared a video of her self stopping and singing. Concerning me, the motivation behind why she began with sending her private part on Twitter was to get individuals' consideration with the expectation that it will make her profession get through.

Many were feeling disillusioned, out of 10 800 individuals who watched the video, just 10 remark and show their disappointment, since they were expecting something more, better and different.

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