Ten business you can start in Nyamira county with less than 100k.


1. Salon and barber shops.

This business pays well in return. It requires a small room to start. What you need is to look for a strategic place where you can access customers easily.The highest amount you can use starting this business is 70k.


Most people like meat so the demand for supply of meat is high.It will only cost you 50k to start this kind of business.

3.wines and spirits.

All you need to have is only just 90k to start this business.since many people like Alcohol you will have customers flooding in your place.


The demand for cement and iron sheet is high since many people are moving into permanent houses. It will only cost you 100k for a start up. Let us say pay 30 bags of cement at a cost of 20k and iron sheet 50 pieces at a cost of 50k.


Young people like fast food like chips and cakes. The cost you will need here is 80j for a start up.

6.Juice breeding.

The only expenses you will incur here is that of buying a machine. All other fruits required are readily available at the market at a cheap prize.

7. Boda boda Business.

All you need is to buy one motor bike at a cost of 100k.

8.selling of Mitumba clothes.

This business requires a starting capital of around 50k.The only thing you need is to look for a good space at the open air market.

9.Mpesa shop.

Nowadays many people like sending money using Mpesa. This is a business that needs like 70k to start.it also has good profits in return.

10.Car wash.

Here the only thing you require is a washing machine that will cost you like 75k. Look for a piece of land near the tarmac road.

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