Nokweh Ntshangase died after getting vaccinated

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A lady posted a sad pictures of her self saying good bye to her friends and family. Her name is Nokweh Ntshangase she vaccinated for covid 19 and she started getting sick. Well our bodies are not the same so they react differently when they get injection. She got vaccinated this month but her life didn't last at all. After she shared her story people have been scared because she was able ti communicate with people before she died. He Facebook account ended up being deleted from Facebook becouse lot of people were comenting on it.

She posted pictures oh her and her boyfriend. Saying she is so sorry for leaving them in such a short notice. She told people on Facebook saying she thought she was saving her self not knowing that she was killing her self. She said she went there to to pretect her self from the disease. It's happened that her body didn't get along with the injection so she ended up stating to feel well. Sadly she passed away last night and left everyone in shock because they didn't expect her to leave them like that.

Some people after getting vaccinated didn't feel sick or anything. Which means the injection is treating people differently. The doctor need to check people before getting the vaccinated. It is possible for people to go for covid 19 injection while there are not physically fit. It can happen that a lady had some illness on her body which leaded to her death. But the fact that she started getting sick after the vaccine got people scared because they dont know if there are the next.

People on Facebook there are talking about her and they feel sorry for her boyfriend. Itself was not supposed to end that bad. After this people are scared. Can you please comment below and tell us how you feel about this accident. Share this article to your friends.

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