“Hii Ni Unyama Sana," CCTV Captures Two Nuns Allegedly Doing This To A Lady


A church in Migori County is on the spot after two nuns were exposed allegedly harassing one lady over was rumoured to be fight to love. Unidentified sources revealed that one of the nuns have been seeing the newly recruited choir master who is also being eyed by the victim. The unmarried choir master is said to be developing a taste towards the victim that angered the two to time her on her way home from the master's house.

The Pastor who is now under pressure is rumoured to have leaked the alleged love triangle to one congregant who later revealed to others hence fueling the allegations. The church has been roacked with illicit love affairs with one senior member of the church had to boycott the church services after he was busted with a married woman in the lodging just some three months ago.

A meeting that was organized that was attended by chief Opoko failed to get into the matter bore no fruit as the said choir master though invited, did not turn up to give his side of the story. Senior pastors are now fearing that should church restrictions be lifted, then this will burst like what happened three months ago.

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