5 "Money-fetching" Businesses You Can Startup With #5,000 In Nigeria


The fact is that everyone needs money, but not everyone know how to make money. The problem with people most times is that they want to make it big instantly. But unfortunately, the rules of making money does not support that.

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So let’s proceed, every successful businessman or woman started from the scratch before getting to the peak, which means, we all are bound for greatness if only we can patiently follow the rules of growing business.

Therefore, today I bring to you the top 10 income oriented businesses you can start with as low as #5000. It may be surprising, but when you go through this article thoroughly, you will discover how it works.

1. Honey business

The rate at which people sought after honey this days is very interesting. Due to the health hazards associated with consuming sugar, many households have resorted to using natural sweeting agents, and honey is the number one on the list. To start honey business, all you have to do is make a budget plan. You can get a 5 litres of original honey for #4500. Original honey can be gotten from Adamawa, Edo, Osun, Nsukka and Other states. You don’t need to aim at 25 litres yet, start from the little. Get an empty can of 33cl (10 cans) and package them well. You can sell one at the rate of #800, making #8000 from the sales, a profit of #3500 from the start. Your honey can be supplied to pharmacies, supermarket, chemist stores, grocery shops and so many other places depending on your location. The interesting part of it is that if you play your card well, you can make up to #45,000 to #50,000 within one month.

2. Cup cake business

Are you interested or have passion for catering, and you don’t know how to start? Cup cake business is for you. You can start by making 15 cup cakes daily. A total of #4000 should be enough to buy all the ingredients needed. What of oven? You are just starting, find an alternative (for example, use of cooking pot filled with sand). #500 kerosene should be enough for the whole process. If you start with the right tone, you can make up to #3000 daily. The business is not so difficult to maintain. When your income is stablilized, you can then move to the next level by acquiring other essential equipment like oven, gas cylinder and other baking equipment.

3. Perfume business

Perfume is now a household product in so many Nigerian homes. Start by buying one roll of Nivea roll-on for the rate of about #4000. When you sell one at the rate of #600, you can make up to a profit of #1200 (one roll contains 6 pieces), you can sell up to 3-4 rolls in a day depending on your location and marketing strategies. It is mostly needed in offices and markets.

4. Bead making

This is one of the lucrative business most people tend to overlook. It is important to know that bead making is a very profitable when done properly and with classic designs. The importance of beads to women cannot be overemphasized, their beauty and appearance depends in their jewelleries and beads. You can startup a bead making business with as low as #3000. If your designs are great, you will see yourself making thousands of Naira monthly.

5. Blogging/online content writing

Do you have passion for writing? If yes, then you can do it. You can startup your own blog free of charge. All you need to do is buy mobile data that will enable you access to Internet. Start writing interesting articles, with time, you will start making money through Google adsense and traffic. For content writing, so many websites are looking for good content writers, so if you are good in writing, you need to enroll and start making your money with ease. All you need to do is buy mobile data.

If you really want to make a lot of money with small capital, try out those options mentioned above. They are not trick or scam, all that is required of you is patience and consistency, with time it will pay off.

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