Spacing Your Kids? See Props Of Every Age Gap


Giving birth to children is a blessing to many of us. But here comes the problem whereby you need a second Born or third born but the decision of when will that time be is a problem. Below are some age differences to space your children if you are looking ahead to your next baby. They include:-

1 year age gap between children

Kids normally become buddies if they are so close In age. The benefits of one year age gap are you become an efficient machine this is whereby you find yourself with more time to spend doing activities for your kids. Also, your eldest may be less bothered by the change whereby she is too young to bother.

2 years age gap

The benefit of two years age gap is that when it comes to how prepared your body is for the next baby, it will be healthier for you than waiting less time

3 years age gap

This is whereby your first child has graduated from the baby and toddler years. A benefit for this is labor may be safest and also pregnancy may carry less risk for you and your baby.

4 years age gap and above.

The benefits of this are you will get more on time with each child. And also your older child can help you and the coming baby.


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