"It Will End In Tears" Mzansi Reacts As History Repeats Itself In Kroonstad

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Fuel truck overturned at Road R76 in Kroonstad. People are helping themselves with fuel, a similar incident happened sometime last year and many people were burnt to death after the truck exploded. It seems like these people do not learn a lesson because obviously since that whole incident circulated on social media many people so what happened and no one wishes the same to happen to them.

This is the second incident of noting that happened today and many people are not even shocked anymore why this keeps happening because clearly no one is taking action against those people which is why they keep getting more and more. Next thing will start stealing the trucks themselves because if they can still work inside then what would stop them from taking the whole truck and keeping it to themselves.

What's your take on this matter?

https://t.co/QaOHkM9JFuel truck overturned at Road R76 in Kroonstad.



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