Nine Big Disadvantages Of Not Wearing Underwear (Photos)


The word “COMMANDO” which refers to the military personnel has now been in trend to refer to going commando which means going underwear free! Going free without underwear might sound uncomfortable for some while it might also sound comfortable life for some.

For anything in the world, from food, sleep, eat, daily practices to clothing styles, everything has a better part as well as the worst part too.

At first instance, an underwear free life or going commando might give you the immense breezy feeling which was restrained due to your underwear, freedom from elastic and irritant fabric while on the other hand not wearing underwear can also have several side effects and downsides of its own.

Here are the top Nine disadvantages of not wearing underwear:


Not wearing underwear can not be the best idea for every kind of outfits you wear. Underwear is supposed to protect your body and keep your clothing intact too. For example, the vaginal discharge is natural among every woman and the discharge is naturally acidic.

The clothes that you wear can be soiled with making fabric to fall apart due to discharge. You might love your pair of pants so much and the life of the pants does not remain longer will wrench your heart. So if you want to extend the quality of your pants, wear underwear that is comfortable and breathable.


While everyone knows the main purpose of underwear. The underwear protects the sensitive area of your private parts from stiff and rough fabrics. When you wear underwear, it protects from getting rubbed while ditching the pair of underwear might rub your skin and cause itchiness, roughness, and chafing.

It might also cause uncomfortable due to the material that you have worn which can cause undesirable friction.


Whatever we wear does not matter until and unless if the fabric is dyed. When you wear some dyed clothes for example trousers, joggers, pants, the cloth can rub off and stain your skin.

The stain is temporary however the chemicals of the dye might irritate your skin and also your nether regions. Stains can create huge issues especially when they are light-colored clothes and you are on your special day out.

It is always a smart decision to go for moisture absorbent undergarments that protect a protective barrier between your clothes and your vaginal discharge.


Going without underwear can cause several health hazards apart from giving you an uncomfortable feeling. The layer of protection provided by your underwear for the external intimate areas helps to avoid feeling uncomfortable, chaffing, and infections.

A moist area is a huge call for the bacterial invitation so moist areas such as the genital area can cause infection as chafing also opens the chances of infection very easily.

Vaginitis, Yeast Infection, and Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) are some of the infection surfacings after not wearing a breathable pair of underwear. Some might think that going without underwear can be the best option to avoid all these infection issues.

Polyester, elastane fabrics, nylon fabrics that are found in your pants or leggings are all coal and petroleum-based which lacks breathable qualities. The fabric can become the breeding ground for moisture which in return invites bacteria to grow.


When you get careless with your intimate parts and stop protecting your vaginal area, a skin problem called Folliculitis is caused which causes inflammation of hair follicle. Chafing and irritation from tight clothes can make the condition even worse if you have just shaved your pubic hair.


A good bra gives good support to your chests, likewise, good underwear also offers you support. Wearing fitted clothes makes you feel so good and increases your confidence too.

While planning for going commando for the first time can not give you that kind of confidence and not does ill-fitted underpants. Go for a well fitted, breathable, and comfortable underwear to get back that confidence in you.


What can be extremely embarrassing than flashing out your intimate parts in front of so many people accidentally? Especially when you are wearing short skirts or shorts or pants in which you forget to zip up. If you are wearing see-through clothes then it can also be flashing your private parts publicly.


When your cloth constantly rubs the skin of your vagina, the micro-cuts can develop in the vaginal areas which care called Vaginal Fissures. You can cause serious damage to your skin and intimate part if you go regularly go commando while workout, office, or outing as the skin of your intimate part is considered super sensitive.

The cracks split and micro-cuts are painful in the delicate skin which needs to be protected. You can in return face some of the uncomfortable issues of itchiness, pain, discomfort, and burning sensation which is everyone’s worst nightmare.


No matter whether you use sanitary napkins, tampons, or menstrual cups, we never know what can happen during our period due to over bleeding especially those who get periods suddenly.

To give extra protection from the bloodstain that can be transferred to your clothes, underwear plays an essential role. The staining caused by a heavy flow can ruin your clothes especially when you are out.


The discharge or the vaginal fluid flew naturally can build on your absorbent pants which can cause an unpleasant smell. Naturally, the fluid has some different odor like every vaginal odor has.

If you have some disorder then the odor can worsen and signal from your body to change your clothes. If you have not put on your underwear, and you end up smelling nasty, do not be surprised because it due to your decision of going commando!


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