Watch: Video Of Drunkard Police Man Get Caught In Camera Doing This

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Video Of Drunkard Police Man Get Caught In Camera Doing This

There is a video of police officers who were involved in an accident and construction company stopped them as they were caught for trying to get away from the scene. What the good thing that they dis, is blocked their vehicle as they were trying run away. The old man who no longer fit to be the police officers were caught drunk while there is young police officers driving the police van.

These are the guys we meant to call for assistance and uphold the law. Mzansi has been begging police minister to take a look at this case as the man looks Older. That is an old man who can fire him and give him his millions. This is a pure dismissal with hard earned taxpayers money car damage, Evaton police station too on freedom day was burgled and guns taken and no police officer on night shift was at work but no discipline or police fired all who worked on that shift still working.

This man no longer deserve to be in the police industry. His age no longer allowed him. The calmness and politeness of this gentleman is excellent he kept his composure and handled the matter in a humanly manner.

"Let them do what they want to do with me" he said. I feel like he has some story to tell, and I wanna hear it.

Mzansi have reacted to the video of this man who was seen driving with a young boy from the same police department. He is a police man, an old man who is drunk. He seems not remoteness of his actions. He speaks politely as if he did not do anything. Mzansi has been calling Minister of police Bheki Cele to deal this man who does not want to retire.

What us your thoughts about this old man? Do you think he should be in the police force or not? Let's share thoughts and opinions. Don't forget to like our page for more latest news.

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