Dear Side-Chick: Here Are 4 Reasons Why He Will Never Leave His Wife For You, Forget Those Promises

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The men who cheated in the other two halves will continue to promise that their wives will be a good way to marry these different women.

He often loses his temper to his wife in bed, is accused of being bedridden, being burdened by antiques and other things. But what to bet? They still haven't left her.

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The guy who often deceives half of himself seems to thrive in juggling his life and sharing his time among relatives and mysteries. It's like biting a large piece of bread from a cake on every occasion and still stuffing it completely.

Here are some reasons why dishonest married men never leave their spouses to faceted chicks:

He loves his wife

Now, the notion that a person loves and cheats on his spouse sounds contradictory, but it seems to exist. Although the beloved wife is unswerving, the firm and unswerving choice is to declare that the relatives who love his wife have looking-looking chicks.

Usually, for this type of guy, the faceted chicken is simply laughing. He must have separated his thoughts in order to maintain this state forever. Instead, he would choose his wife instead of leaving his wife.

The better half allow them

Statements such as "Everyone cheats" and "It's best if he cheated so far. He has always respected me and stayed away from me". Many women have given boys corridor passes and can cheat as needed.

When the girls deliberately choose to be in a dark state due to the sneaky methods of their husbands, the limit is set to be lowered.

By refusing to let them follow the expected faithful trend, the other half allowed these people to roam, waiting with open arms for every opportunity to return home at home.

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Guys recognize that they have a high reputation in society as married people, so they usually no longer need to get lost. Many of these dishonest people are reputable members of social institutions, such as churches, mosques, companies, and so on.

Therefore, there is no motivation to leave their spouse, just being with the chick, mistress or Mrs. Sugar next to them may be the last aspect in their minds.

Similarly, married men want their children to grow up in a "practical" and "complete" family, so they don't want to leave their halflings to looking chicks.

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