Never Lose Hope in God: After 26 Years in Prison, He Is Finally Found Innocent and Set Free


We should never lose hope in All-Mighty God and justice shall reach every wicked person.

Lamino Hamilton has just been freed from prison after serving 26 years in Prison for the murder of a woman in Detroit and possession of illegal firearm - a crime he never committed.

At the time of his wrongful conviction in 1994, he was 21 years old.

Officials say his conviction was based on information given by a criminal informant who claimed that Hamilton has confessed to the crime.

Sadly, investigations later showed that the criminal informant lied so that he will he granted leniency at the court during his trial.

Photo of Hamilton after his release

Ever since, Hamilton has been keen on proving his innocence and wanting to live his rest of life as a free man.

His release was facilitated by the members of Western University Cooley Law School Innocence Project and Boise State University Idaho Innocence Project.

Photos of the Members of West Michigan Law School and Lincoln Hamilton.

The group funded the DNA testing investigation to prove his innocence. Their was DNA under the finger of the victim.

The DNA result did not correspond with Hamilton's.

One of Hamilton's attorney, Mary Charter said, "We made the decision long ago to never give up fighting for Mr. Hamilton’s release. While we are beyond surprised that all charges have been dismissed, he lost twenty-six years of his life waiting for this day. And, even sadder, is that Mr. Hamilton’s case is not unique."

Photos of Lincoln Hamilton after his release:

It is a good and sad news:

. The good news is that he has finally achieved justice and has been freed.

. The sad news is that he spent two decades of his life seeking for justice.

His case has shown that there are a lot of innocent individuals serving sentences for crimes they did not commit. This is why a lot of Human Right groups have been campaigning for a reform in social justice.

It should not take this long before a person should get justice and be freed.

Illustration of an inmate behind bars

We hope every innocent person would attain freedom and received justice and never have to face the same predicament.