3 Rules You Should Never Break In A Relationship


1.Never hesitate to communicate.

Don't ever break the rules of communicating with your partner . Communication is vital to a successful relationship. If something goes wrong between the two of you don't ever shut him or her out and choose not to talk about it.

Don't underestimate the power of communication and let it all out. Keeping things to yourself makes room for misunderstandings and frustration. Talk to your loved one so they get their chance of making things right.

2. Respect each other's personal space

Always give your partner their own space .If your partner asks to be left alone then leave them to themselves for a while. Everyone needs a certain level and amount of personal space. Taking someone's private space and privacy away from them has never resulted in a healthy relationship but damages the relationship.

3. Don't wait for too long

Everyone you will love will carry the emotional baggage. People dating each other are not always on the same page about their relationship. If you feel like you girlfriend or boyfriend is struggling to be in it wholeheartedly and give it their all ,then your love for them will make you want to wait for them and change their ways . Don't ever wait for too long to make that happen.

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