Another Tea Party? Zuma To Get A Very Unexpected Visit

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Date: 20/01/22



The former president of South Africa has been back at his household after being released on medical parole. No one has visited him since his return as they have said that he likes to keep to himself and he's recovering from his bad health.

On Wednesday the 19 of January, it was revealed that he might be getting a very unexpected visitor. This is somebody who recently ridiculed him and called him a small boy who doesn't like to condomise and now it is said he will be visiting him at Nkandla.


It has been reported that King Dalidyebo will be visiting Jacob Zuma at his house in Nkandla. The reason for this visit has not yet been revealed. It is said that they will be discussing serious matters. It does seem like it was properly planned out because it was the Jacob Zuma foundation that actually revealed this information.

It can also be remembered that King Dalidyebo has been supporting the Economic Freedom Fighters during the government elections which made the party win some municipalities in KZN. This is why this visit is particularly interesting because Zuma is a die hard ANC member.


This is one unlikely visit from the King. We are also wondering why Jacob Zuma allowed him to visit after such a long time not having any visitors. We will only know what exactly was discussed as soon as the meeting happens and most of the outcomes are made public. Some people are not particularly happy about this visit, the reason for this is also Unknown but it is happening.

What is your take on the matter? Why do you think King Dalidyebo is paying Zuma a visit?

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