Tanzania: 15-Year-Old High School Student Defiled by Two Men Who Infected Her With HIV


Crying woman/Courtesy

A 15-year-old teen sent the court into a moment of long silence as she narrated how she was infected with HIV by men she trusted for short-term protection after fallout with her parents

The teen told Temeke District Court of Tanzania how she tested positive for HIV after being defiled by two men, one of them a college student.

According to Mwanachi Newspaper this Sunday, the teen, who is a high school student (name withheld) claimed so while testifying before the Resident Magistrate of the Court, Anna Mpessa, led by Senior State Counsel Cecilia Mkonongo.

"The accused used to come home because he was my brother's friend. He once called me and when I asked who he was and where he got my number, he replied by saying I am your neighbour, 'calm down beautiful girl'," claimed the child.

What started from a phone call went on to become a hook in a bar and later in a guest house before the horrific incident happened, leaving the poor girl in great pain and in regrets.

On that particular day, the girl said she had issues with her mother, who chased her away, forcing her to reach out to the suspect, Godbless for help.

Godbless took her to a bar, bought her chips-mayai and one bottle of beer. He later took her to a guest room and defiled her.

Godbless later disappeared and left the girl stranded at the bar before the second man approached her and offered to help.

The second man took her to his home after promising that he would not harm her

However, the man later went against his promise and defiled the girl while she was asleep. She only realized she had been defiled after observing her organ.

She went back to her mother and narrated what had happened to her before she was taken to hospital where several medical tests were done, with HIV turning out to be positive.

The girl told the court that she is now on ARVs.

The case will be heard again on April 27 2021.

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