Christ Has Risen: Say This Powerful Prayer Against The Power Of The Grave


Psalm 92: 1; Thank You Almighty God for Your victory over death and grave.

By the Speaking blood of Jesus that breaks the yoke of sin, Father forgive me and cleanse me of all unrighteousness.

Lord, by Your Spirit, release us from every scheme of death and power of the grave now in Jesus name.

Psalm 66:3; O Lord, by the greatness of Your power, let the power of the grave submit, bow and retreat from before my presence now in Jesus name.

I am never a party to the covenant of untimely death. Therefore, I shall not die your death but live to fufill my destiny gloriously in Jesus name.

Abba Father, deliver me and my destiny from the power of the grave now fire and thunder in Jesus name.

By the speaking blood of Jesus, deliver me from any power of the grave. Say this prayer seven times.

In the name of Jesus, every power and personalities attacking my spiritual growth through evil dreams die now in Jesus name.

Christ has risen with my blessings, academic excellent, financial breakthrough, good health and prosperity in Jesus name. Say this prayer seven times.

Sing worship songs and repeat the prayer as many times as you can.

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