Most people are currently affected by a heavy flu accompanied by sore throat and headache

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In the past few days most people on social media have been crying out about the heaviest flu accompanied by the most painful heachache ,It has not stopped they are still crying out about it even now . So as we all know that there is a new variant called " Omicron" that has affected many people in a short period of time .


When a season changes people experiences different signs in their bodies such as

* Flu

* Itching body

* Dry skin or cracky

* Rash

It is very normal to experience the above symptoms when a season changes so. To those who got this flu I can help with few home remedies .

* You can get rid of sore throat by drinking hot water ,if you like you can mix your hot water with lemon and drink it before you sleep it can help .

* We as Africans should not run away from our traditions , people should normalise steam bathing using what we call " impepho " or a gumtree . 

* In your free time take some jogs ,to open up your chest and have a better respiratory system.

I personally do not see anything new about this Omicron ,I see it normal because it was spring now we are getting into summer now our bodies are trying to adapt to new changes in temperatures so definitely they will be some signs to people. They are so nervous , some will not die or get sick because they are affected by this variant but the fear will destroy them a lot . People please calm down just obey the rules made by health care organization follow protocols ,keep that distance, wear that mask , eat healthy , stay safe . God is watching he will never forget us ,always remember we are on a war that we are not aware about ,pray hard and ask God to open your spiritual eyes you will be guided and see everything .

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