Bad news and good news to ZEP holders as the home affairs released this official letter: Opinion

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They are a lot of things that stands to be threatening with the Zimbabwean exemption permits holders after they have expired at the end of the year. There is a chance that the banks might be sending messages to their clients that were holders of this particular permits to show themselves at the branches of those banks to produce a slip as proofs that they have applied for the main stream visas.

It is quite a challenging issue and we don't know how this is going to be solved. A lot of Zimbabweans are panicking, some of them they are giving each other advises to take out all the their cash from their bank accounts in case the money might get frozen in those banks.

I think it's just a rush decision, they need to wait and here what is going to happen or experience it after the 31st of December. Let's just hope something will coming up in favor of the Zimbabweans. As for traveling they can still travel to and fro, they have another year of grace period to make things right.

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