Sunday Deal: Dennis Itumbi Promises To Reward 100 Nakuru Residents For Doing A Very Simple Task

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Dennis Itumbi is one of the most prominent members of the Kenya Kwanza coalition, and he has vowed to reward up to one hundred citizens of Nakuru city. Locals must complete one simple task before 6 p.m. today in order to have a chance.

If you are anywhere in Nakuru, all you need to do is take a unique photo with any of Susan Kihika's billboards for Nakuru Governor. Then, you are expected to publish the photo on any of your social media sites with the hashtag # susankihika. Dennis Itumbi will review the posts and award the top 100 photographs.

If you reside in Nakuru county, you have a remote chance of receiving a prize from Dennis Itumbi despite the high cost of living. He did not, however, specify what his award would be. Use your imagination to receive a prize from Dennis Itumbi. Here is an image including all the information.

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