Man buys land for a project only to find out that, the land turns into a lagoon whenever it rains

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Accra is a very wild place and the least mistake you do will get your enemies laughing at you with joy. We are in the rainy season and normally, we hear cases about floods taking over the whole place.

This is a very absurd situation considering the fact that it started in the days of old. Floods have taken over many properties and have taken many lives over the years but, the leaders of this country seem not to have an effective solution to this problem.

This article highlights on the problem of floods and also, bad human decisions which end up causing chaos. Some pictures are trending on Twitter and they are about a land which was bought in the dry season.

The buyer obviously thought he was buying a nice land for his project without analyzing if it was in the path of a water runway or not. Luckily for him, he bought the land and started his project but unluckily for him, the land wasn't supposed to be bought in the first place.

He really bought a lagoon and I feel bad for him. I guess readers will take note of his mistakes so they don't repeat it in the near future. Don't buy a land just because you need a space urgently, do a survey before you take a bold decision.

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